The Big Story of #OSH22

It’s not necessarily the newest airplane.
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State of GA? Fuel, Workforce, and Supply Chain Remain Hot Topics

The U.S. House Subcommittee on Aviation offers perspective on general aviation—and asks industry leaders for additional support in these areas to maintain the ...
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Good FLYING Reads: Red Burning Sky

A novel reveals the story about a little-known C-47 rescue operation during World War II in Yugoslavia.
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Garmin Reaches a Flight Deck Milestone

Since 2003, the avionics giant has delivered more than 25,000 systems. What does this mean for pilots?
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Special Olympics Airlift Kicks Off to Bring Athletes to Orlando

Textron Aviation celebrates its eighth time orchestrating the Citation and Beechcraft crews lifting Special Olympians to the USA Games.
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Good FLYING Reads: Great Circle

An historical novel captures the spirit of a pilot who attempted a bold circumnavigation.
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Oshkosh Flying Memories

A trio of standout flights to EAA AirVenture show how we remember these moments.
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Will GA Have a Fuel Problem?

With avgas a boutique product and jet-A supplies in mitigation, experts see price volatility rather than more shortages ahead for general aviation.
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The Future Is a Fast Charge

An electric debut from Diamond and Safran advances the sustainability game, if it meets the timeline proposed.
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Good FLYING Reads: Through the Glass Ceiling to the Stars

Col. Eileen Collins pilots an ongoing mission to inspire youth to space flight.
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