Can the FAA Flex?

The MOSAIC outcomes affect far more than just light sport aircraft—especially when it comes to the next certification pathway for eVTOLs.
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The Douglas C-47: A Christmas Story

One last major offensive in World War II is worth reflection upon the anniversary of the DC-3’s first flight.
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A Very Soggy First Flight Centennial

Winter in North Carolina came early—bringing a deluge of rain that threatened the celebration of the Centennial of Flight on December 17, 2003.
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Pilots Share Their ‘Gift’ Flights

Yes, they represent a Thanksgiving story tailored specifically for pilots.
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Every Flight Is a Gift

On this day of giving thanks, and as I get older, I know what I am grateful for as a pilot.
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Want To Be a Real Instructor?

The first NAFI Summit brought together an expert’s round of experts in flight training to the table.
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Time to Get Serious About Unleaded Fuel

The EAGLE consortium needs to soar to the challenge now that the FAA and industry must move forward on its roadmap.
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Lessons from ‘Spad’

The loss of aviation safety leader, pilot, and friend Richard McSpadden causes reflection.
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What’s Happening in Wichita

Almost 10 years since Beechcraft and Cessna joined under the Textron Aviation umbrella, the two sides of town are beginning to blend.
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What This MOSAIC Preview Means

If the proposed rulemaking follows, GA will see phenomenal change in aircraft certification.
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