Wait, Is 2022 Over Already?

As a pilot, I'm just getting started on these things that I’ll keep doing in 2023.
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Good FLYING Reads: Barry Schiff’s ‘An Illustrated Guide to Flying’

The graphically rich handbook serves as a primer for aspiring pilots and a reference for instructors.
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First Flights

From the Wright Flyer to the DC-3, to the first flights in new airplanes today, how we learn makes a difference.
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Sean Tucker Celebrates We All Fly Gallery, and His Second Act

The aerobatic legend presented at the National Air & Space Museum in D.C. and highlighted his new mission, the Bob Hoover Academy.
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A First Flight for Young Hunter

There are few moments in life better than taking a kid up in an airplane.
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My Top 5 To-Dos at NBAA

Here’s what to look forward to at the 2022 convention in Orlando.
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The ‘Mags’ Preflight

Priceless experience gained from a lost friend and former colleagues.
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Lighthawk Gives Pilots a Reason to Cherish Their Perspective

The annual meeting of the conservation pilots’ group refreshes editor-in-chief Julie Boatman’s outlook on renewing our collective efforts.
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The Big Story of #OSH22

It’s not necessarily the newest airplane.
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State of GA? Fuel, Workforce, and Supply Chain Remain Hot Topics

The U.S. House Subcommittee on Aviation offers perspective on general aviation—and asks industry leaders for additional support in these areas to maintain the ...
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