Two People Killed in California Icon A5 Crash

LSA mishap happened near company's training facility on Lake Berryessa.

Icon A5 crash on lake Barryessa

Two people were killed when an Icon A5 crashed on Lake Berryessa in Northern California on May 8.KTVU

An Icon A5 crashed on the shoreline of Lake Berryessa in northern California around 9 a.m. on Monday morning under "unknown circumstances," FAA public affairs manager Ian Gregor confirmed to Flying. While Gregor said he did not know the fate of the occupants of the single-engine amphibian, local news outlets reported that two people died as a result of the crash, according to the Napa County Sherriff's Department.

Photos of the crash site taken by news helicopters showed the badly damaged A5 on the eastern shore of Lake Berryessa, in the Portuguese Cove area. The identities of those killed has not been released.

An Icon Aircraft spokesman said the company would release a statement as it learns more about the details surrounding the crash.

Icon opened its training facility in Vacaville last year and was using the scenic Lake Berryessa location to train its students on water operations.

The LSA company, which has had major delays starting up production of the A5, recently suffered another blow when an A5 partially sunk after a hard landing in the waters near Miami last month. Nobody was hurt in that incident.