Women in Aviation Members Eligible for Free Boeing 737 Type Ratings

Looking to get type rated in a Boeing 737? If you're a member of Women in Aviation International, you could potentially get one for free, thanks to a new scholarship sponsored by Southwest Airlines.

The airline is offering four free 737NG type ratings, complete with round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations in Dallas, where the training will take place. For a type rating that often goes for upward of $10,000, that's quite a deal.

The scholarships are open to both men and women who were members of WAI as of November 1, and includes an ATP rating for those candidates who don't currently have one and meet minimum pilot qualifications.

Applications are due by December 1. Find more information on these scholarships, as well as WAI's many other scholarship offerings, at wai.org/education/scholarships.cfm.

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