FlightSafety Adds Level-D PC-12 Sim in Dallas

** FlightSafety Pilatus PC-12/47 simulator**

FlightSafety International has added a level-D Pilatus PC-12/47 simulator to its Dallas Learning Center, making it the only such simulator in the world qualified to the highest approval standard.

The simulator is equipped with legacy avionics including a Garmin GMX 200 multifunction display and a pair of Garmin GNS 530W GPS units. It also features a Bendix/King EFIS 50 and KFC 325 autopilot. Training in the new sim, which features FlightSafety's high-fidelity Vital 1100 visual system, is scheduled to start at the end of the month.

"The level-D qualification of FlightSafety's Pilatus PC-12/47 simulator clearly demonstrates our commitment and ability to provide our customers with the highest quality training using advanced technology simulators," said Bruce Whitman, FlightSafety President and CEO.

FlightSafety has also been selected by Pilatus to provide simulator training in the new PC-24 jet, now under development in Switzerland.

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