Mojave Test Pilot School Opens

International Flight Test Institute launched in Mojave, California.

A new test pilot school, the International Flight Test Institute, announced that it will open its doors to students starting in the new year in Mojave, California. The school will train its students to become flight test pilots and flight test engineers within commercial, business and general aviation industries.

IFTI will use a fleet of 35 types of diverse airplanes and helicopters, from high performance jets to single-engine piston models. In addition to the extensive aircraft fleet, the school has recruited highly qualified instructors with varied backgrounds, including former astronauts, military test pilots, combat veterans and OEM flight test pilots. “We’ve assembled a tremendous flight test staff that I believe is unequalled in their skill sets and teaching abilities,” said Bill Korner, president of IFTI.

Students will learn how to evaluate aircraft with regards to certification requirements and standards, and can choose from a range of courses from a two-week refresher course to a 12-month professional program.

IFTI is owned and operated by the same team that started Flight Research, Inc, which offers upset recognition and recovery training. The National Test Pilot School, which opened its doors in 1981, is still in operation in Mojave.

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