Cirrus JumpStart Program Aims To Grow GA

Cirrus Aircraft is rolling out a new nationwide pilot training initiative aimed at enticing new students to learn to fly in a Cirrus. The 2014 JumpStart Program introduces a special version of the Cirrus SR20 to partner flight schools that the Duluth, Minnesota-based lightplane manufacturer says makes the ideal training and personal transportation airplane.

Cirrus says it will sell 12 brand new, fully equipped SR20s that will be available exclusively to its Cirrus training center partners in select markets across the country. Each will come configured with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), as all Cirrus products do. Additional features include Cirrus Perspective avionics by Garmin, digital autopilots with Enhanced Stability and Protection, a keyboard controller, synthetic vision technology, XM Weather, LED lighting and 60/40 FlexSeating.

When new pilots learn and train in a Cirrus "they are more likely to stay committed to aviation, to aircraft ownership and to accessing the personal and small business benefits that only GA can provide," said Todd Simmons, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Support for Cirrus. "The Cirrus Aircraft JumpStart Program helps make that introduction to flight and all its benefits easier by enhancing the flight training experience and reducing those initial ownership barriers."

A unique aspect of the JumpStart program is the option for sponsor owners to purchase a Cirrus airplane and lease it back to a Cirrus training center, with special incentives available to the owner.

Cirrus is partnering with suppliers Garmin, Continental Motors, Hartzell, BRS Aerospace, Enviro Systems, Fastenal and TenCate on the JumpStart program.

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