Today’s Top Aircraft For Sale Pick: 1979 Piper PA-28-236 Dakota

A powerful engine and good load-carrying capacity make this four-seat PA-28 a solid traveling machine.

Piper’s PA-28-236 is a good load hauler for family trips. [Courtesy: AKC Aviation]

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This handsome, roomy, low-wing four-seater arguably is the ultimate evolution of Piper’s PA-28 series that went on sale in 1961. Its 235 hp six-cylinder engine is a major upgrade from the 160 hp four-cylinder power plants in more basic versions of the aircraft. To help pilots get the most out of the bigger engine, this Dakota is equipped with speed from Knots to U, including control surface gap seals and aerodynamic fairings for the wing root, flap hinges, rudder, and fin cap fairing.

Piper designed its original PA-28 to compete with Cessna’s 172 in the market for personal aircraft and trainers. As an all-metal, low-wing design, it represented a leap forward over the rag-and-tube PA-22 Tri-Pacer it was meant to replace. The design has been a strong seller for Piper and has proved versatile, as the company developed its basic airframe into a broad range of models, including the Arrow retractable, six-seat Saratoga, and even the Seneca light twin.

This two-owner Dakota has 3,127 hours on its airframe, 1,117 hours on its Lycoming 0-540-J3A5D engine, and 574 hours on the Hartzell three-blade propeller. The same owner has had the aircraft since 1984. Its panel includes a Garmin 530W nav/com, Bendix/King KY197 com, Bendix/King KN53 nav, Garmin GTX 345 transponder with ADS-B in and out, Insight Avionics Graphic engine monitor and  Strike Finder., and Piper Auto Control IIIB autopilot.

Pilots looking for reliable and powerful personal transport that is ideal for family vacations or business missions can check out this Piper PA-28-236 Dakota, which is available for $235,000 aon AircraftForSale.

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