This 2017 ICON A5 Is a Fun-Loving Amphibian ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Aimed mostly at having fun aloft, this amphibious two-seater can also travel.

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Today’s Top Pick is a 2017 ICON A5.

The ICON A5 has been attracting attention for more than a decade, from its emergence as a concept in the late 2000s to prototypes and then reaching the market around 2016. From the beginning, this light sport aircraft was aimed at potential buyers who were not longtime aviation enthusiasts but adventure seekers who enjoy exciting activities. Experiencing the joy of flight has always been the main goal with the A5, though you certainly can travel in it, often to remote spots that would be difficult to reach without an amphibious aircraft.

Back in late 2015 I had the pleasure of flying the A5 off the Hudson River during a promotional event in New York. Many pilots fly the special VFR corridor over the Hudson to take in stunning views of the skyline, but relatively few begin the flight by taking off from the river. I will never forget flying over the George Washington Bridge while feeling the breeze on my face through the ICON’s semi-open cockpit. This was pure VFR flying.

This ICON A5 has 733 hours on the airframe and engine. The airframe parachute was repacked recently.

Pilots seeking a compact, maneuverable amphibian airplane that offers access to places you might not reach otherwise should consider this 2017 ICON A5, which is available for $240,000 on AircraftForSale. 


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