This 1999 Diamond DA20-A1 Katana Is an Efficient, Responsive ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

While it makes an ideal trainer, the two-seat DA20 is also sporty enough for experienced pilots to enjoy.

Diamond Aircraft’s DA20-A1 Katana Is an economical trainer, time builder or traveling machine. [Courtesy: AirMart Aircraft Sales & Brokerage]

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For many pilots in North America the Diamond DA20 served as an introduction to the Austrian aircraft manufacturer that more recently brought us advanced models such as the DA62 light twin and DA50 RG high-performance single. The DA20, which dates to the early 1990s, is a distinctive composite design that incorporates a T-tail and several features reflecting the company’s history building gliders. At a time when a lot of flight students were learning in decades-old Cessna 150s, the DA20 made a big impression on the ramp.

While this DA20 would be a sensible addition to a flight school’s fleet it also makes a strong case as a personal airplane for one or two people who like to travel efficiently and on a budget. It cruises faster and has a more modern, comfortable cockpit than older two-seat light aircraft yet still appeals to traditionalists who prefer a control stick over a yoke. The airplane’s combination of responsive handling, control feel, and visibility helped it develop a following over the decades.

This DA20 has 735 hours since new on the airframe, its 125 hp Continental IO-240-B engine, and Sensenich propeller. The panel includes a BendixKing KX125 TSP nav/com, Garmin GNS 430, GMA 340 audio panel, GTX 330 transponder, davtron M800 digital chronometer, and digital OAT gauge.

Pilots looking for a modern, economical 2-place personal aircraft for commuting, time-building, training or travel should consider this 1999 Diamond DA20-A1 Katana, which is available for $99,900 on AircraftForSale.

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Jonathan Welsh is a private pilot who worked as a reporter, editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal for 21 years, mostly covering the auto industry. His passion for aviation began in childhood with balsa-wood gliders his aunt would buy for him at the corner store. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @JonathanWelsh4

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