This 1991 Antonov An-2 Is a Versatile Amphibian ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Like the ultimate off-road vehicle, this Soviet-era workhorse is readily adaptable for family transport.

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Today’s Top Pick is a 1991 Antonov An-2 Turbine Amphibian.

The Antonov An-2, a Russian design dating to 1947, has been a common sight in Soviet and former Soviet countries for decades. Pilots in the U.S. have been fascinated by these utility aircraft for their load-carrying and slow-flight capability, short-field performance, and versatility.

The aircraft for sale here is set up for adventure, like a recreational vehicle that happens to fly. The An-2 has a roomy cabin that historically has been used for hauling cargo but is easily adaptable for passengers. With the addition of amphibian floats, there are few places that this aircraft cannot access. The turbine conversion promises to boost the aircraft’s load capacity significantly and add a few knots of cruising speed as well. Just imagine the reaction when you taxi to the dock in this machine.

This 1991 Antonov AN-2 has 19,089 hours on the airframe and was converted from its original Shvetsov 9-cylinder radial engine to a Garrett/Honeywell TFE-331-12 turbine engine and a Hartzell five-blade propeller. Its panel includes a three-screen Garmin G3X Touch, L-3 Avionics Skywatch 497 active traffic, Electronics International FP5L fuel totalizer, and  remote camera system for confirmation of gear position. The aircraft is equipped with carbon fiber floats and comes with a Honda generator for remote power and charging.

Pilots who have always wanted an RV with wings for exploring far beyond the nearest runway should consider this 1991 Antonov AN-2 amphibian, which  is available for $1.8 million on AircraftForSale.

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