This 1979 Beechcraft 77 Skipper Is a Rare, Roomy ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

The two-seater was designed to correct problems student pilots encountered with other trainers.

The Beechcraft Skipper certainly is more stylish than a Cessna 150. [Courtesy: Joe Scarcella]

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By the 1970s, when Beechcraft began developing its new trainer, a generation of pilots had trained for their private certificates in Cessna 150s. While the diminutive, utilitarian Cessna has become a classic, those who flew it are well aware of its shortcomings, such as its cramped cabin and poor outward visibility at certain angles. Beechcraft took advantage of that pool of knowledge by surveying pilots who flew 150s and asking them what they would change to make the aircraft better.

The Skipper reflects the results of Beechcraft’s market research. Its low wing eliminates the overhead blind spots that many pilots complained about with the 150, and its bubble-shaped cockpit with large windows aided overall visibility. Beechcraft also made an effort to give the airplane a solid, high-quality feel with chunky control yokes and other features that eliminate the sense of flimsiness common in some other trainers.

Unfortunately, the Skipper arrived on the market only a couple of years before the long general aviation downturn began. Beechcraft turned out just over 300 Skippers before halting production in 1981, making this a rare but appealing bird.

This Beechcraft Skipper has 2,370 hours on the airframe and 250 hours on the engine. The basic panel includes a skyBeacon ADS-B.

Pilots interested in an economical two-seat aircraft with a roomy cabin for training, commuting, traveling, or building time should consider this 1979 Beechcraft 77 Skipper, which is available for $69,500 on AircraftForSale.

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