This 1975 Cessna 414 Chancellor Is a High-Flying, Cabin-Class ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

The roomy, pressurized twin makes an ideal mount for long-distance business and family travel.

1975 Cessna 414 Chancellor [Courtesy: Kent Cook]

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Cessna’s 414 Chancellor was the last of the company’s pressurized 400-series twins and was meant to bridge the price gap between its nonpressurized models and the flagship 421 Golden Eagle. Many 414s were pressed into Part 135 service with small charter and air taxi operators, but the model was also popular with owner pilots as a personal aircraft for business and leisure travel. Pilots who have flown the 414 regularly generally sing its praises because of its combination of performance, comfort, and economy.

Flying in the roomy, cabin-class 414 is a pleasure in part because there is plenty of space to move around and find a comfortable seating position. The pressurized cabin is quiet enough to hold conversations without headsets, and there is a lot of storage space inside for provisions and personal items needed during the flight.The Chancellor also performs well on fairly short strips, giving pilots an extra measure of flexibility when choosing destinations. The thought of long cross-country family trips in a 414, flying high above the Rocky Mountains and other potentially threatening terrain, is inspiring. 

This 1975 414 has 7,140 hours on the airframe, 1,120 hours since overhaul on each of its 335 hp RAM Vi-modified Continental TSIO-520 engines, and 35 hours since overhaul on the propellers. The aircraft received a new interior and paint in 1994 and is equipped with air conditioning and vortex generators.

The panel features King KMA 24 audio panel and KX 155 Nav/Com, Garmin 430W GPS/Com, Garmin 200 MFD, 330ES transponder, and Collins AP107 autopilot with Flight Director.

Pilots who need more power, speed, and load-carrying capacity than a typical entry-level light twin should consider this turbocharged, pressurized 1975 Cessna 414, which is available for $100,000 on AircraftForSale.

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