This 1964 Cessna 205 Super Skywagon Is a Heavy-Lifting, 6-Seat ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

A transition model between the Cessna 182 and 206, the 205 shared appealing traits with both of its relatives.

The Cessna 205 essentially is a stretched, more powerful 182. [Courtesy:]

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Today’s Top Pick is a 1964 Cessna 205 Super Skywagon.

Cessna used its capable, all-around 182 Skylane as the basis for new models starting with the first 210s in 1960, which essentially were retractable 182s. The company also attached 182 wings and tail to a larger fuselage to make the 205, a fixed-gear model with six seats that performed well as a family transport, thanks in part to its 260 hp engine that gave it more muscle than the already-brawny 182.

The 205 lasted only a couple of years before Cessna replaced it with the 206, which had a new, more sophisticated wing design and even more power. The 206 became the go-to aircraft for pilots who wanted a flying utility vehicle and grew to be so popular that it remains in production. Aircraft shoppers often forget about the 205 but should not because it offers a lot of performance and utility in an economical package.

This 1964 Cessna 205 has 2,250 hours on the airframe, 332 hours on its 260 hp Continental IO-470S engine, and 290 hours on the McCauley C490 two-blade propeller since overhaul. This aircraft has front pilot and passenger doors,  rear cargo door, six seats, and BAS inertia-reel shoulder harnesses. It carries 84 gallons of fuel and comes with Monarch gas caps and an STC for unleaded fuel.

The basic VFR panel includes an Icom radio, Stratus Appareo ESG ADS-B Out transponder, Garmin GDL 49 ADS-B In, and Softcom six-place intercom.

Pilots interested in an economical six-seat traveling aircraft with a substantial useful load should consider this 1964 Cessna 205, which is available for $190,000 on AircraftForSale.

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