Three Things to Consider When Buying a Kneeboard

From the early days of aviation when Charles Lindbergh first flew across the North Atlantic, pilots have been looking for ways to secure a notepad and some charts somewhere in the cockpit. What evolved was the “kneeboard” and as technology has advanced, so have kneeboard feature sets. Here are some things to consider.

Secure Your iPad Mini and Everything Else You Need

If you fly with a 7.9-inch iPad Mini or similar-sized Android EFBs, it’s a good idea to have it secured for takeoffs and landings to avoid it becoming a projectile in an emergency. This kneeboard provides that device security, along with pockets for a mobile phone, pen/pencil holders, plus an aluminum clipboard, which can easily be used in place of the iPad Mini to hold charts or a notepad.

Handy Availability of Paper IFR Approach Charts

The Jeppesen kneeboard naturally holds their paper IFR approach charts in perfect view when critical flight information needs to be seen. Jeppesen

If you fly in instrument meteorological conditions, a kneeboard with a collapsible “three-ring” design is great for organizing and holding approach charts. Load this kneeboard up pre-flight with the charts you’ll need for your destination and alternates, and keep your pens, pencils and small flashlight handy for taking down your clearance on a notepad secured to the aluminum clipboard. A cradled foam back adds comfort for long flights.

Reversible Design for Right/Left Leg Positioning

If you want functionality of flying with either an EFB and paper charts, this versatile kneeboard delivers the features you’ll want and is reversible for helicopter or fixed wing pilots. HHC

The Multi-Function Heli Kneeboard is built for helicopter pilots flying from the right seat, but can be easily reversed to be used by fixed-wing pilots flying left seat. It is priced higher than many kneeboards, but comes loaded with nearly every feature of all popular kneeboards rolled into one unit. Flip easily between a panel with “elastic loops” to hold iPad Mini or an acrylic clipboard panel with 7-Ring eyelets for paper charts. Each panel quickly stows behind the other, making this a highly-functional design with wide versatility for any way you fly.

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