Texas Aircraft’s First Colt SL Delivered to Florida Customer

Richard (Ricky) Youschak, Jr. (left), and his father Richard Youschak, Sr., with their “Gator”-liveried Colt SL. Texas Aircraft Manufacturing

Sporting a unique orange and blue, University of Florida Gators-inspired paint scheme, Hondo, Texas-based Colt Aircraft Manufacturing last week delivered the first of its new-generation Colt-SL S-LSA to Richard (Ricky) Youschak, Jr., in Gainesville, Florida. Ricky Youschak holds a private pilot certificate, while his father Richard Youschak, Sr., is sport-pilot rated.

The Colt, an S-LSA powered by a 100-hp Rotax engine, was designed with a welded chromoly passenger safety cell and a glass panel WAAS-enabled Dynon EFIS system powerful enough to drive hi-resolution graphic displays and a truly useful autopilot. The Colt offers an optional ballistic parachute. Industry experts believe the Texas Colt could become a worthy successor to the Cessna 150 trainer of which some 24,000 were produced since its creation in the 1950s.

Ricky said, “While the new Dynon EFIS and airframe parachute were strongly in the Colt’s favor, the biggest advantage was when my father and I visited the factory in Hondo, Texas, we saw the pride and passion that went into building the Colt. They have truly made the whole experience delightful for my family and me. That kind of passion and attention to detail has to create an outstanding airplane.”

Founded in 2017 the team behind Texas Aircraft Manufacturing is committed to using modern technologies and materials to design and produce new-generation private aircraft that help pilots achieve their dream of aircraft ownership. The company takes great pride in the growing number of its skilled assembly technicians that are ex-U.S. military aircraft maintainers.

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Rob Mark is an award-winning journalist, business jet pilot, flight instructor, and blogger.

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