ForeFlight ‘Web to Panel’ Planning Tools Coming Soon

Plan your flights on your desktop or laptop computer, automatically sync them to ForeFlight Mobile on your tablet and then use ForeFlight Connect to sync directly with your avionics in the cockpit. That's the vision ForeFlight's creators have for their flight planning subscription service with new web browser capability now in beta testing.

Whether they plan to take advantage of all the possibilities the improvements offer, subscribers are excited about the coming rollout of ForeFlight for the web since it will make flight planning all that much easier. Non-subscribers who don't own iPads, meanwhile, can't wait to have access to a platform they have long envied from afar.

The ForeFlight web portal will compete head to head with runaway segment leader and newcomer

ForeFlight isn't saying when the "Web to Panel" concept will be ready for its commercial adoption, but since the company is talking about the idea openly and inviting user to become beta testers, out guess is it won't be long.

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