Video: Pilot Crash Lands Stricken Floatplane

YouTube screenshot

The final harrowing moments of a deadly midair collision were captured on video on Sunday after a Cessna 185 floatplane collided with a Cessna 172 in Alberta, Canada.

The pilot of the stricken 185 made an emergency landing at the airport in Fort McMurray, flipping over after touching down in the damaged plane. Two occupants aboard the 172, which was owned by a local flight school, were killed.

A search helicopter located the Skyhawk in an isolated area about 30 miles east of Fort McMurray.

Video of the 185's crash landing shows it overflying the airport with only one float, which dangles precariously from the airplane. Upon touching down in the grass, the airplane is seen flipping forward. Moments later the pilot can be seen running from the wreckage.

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