Spitfire Damaged in Biggin Hill Crash

A historic World War II Spitfire fighter was damaged in a crash at Biggin Hill Airport outside London this week, but its owners vowed the warbird will fly again after the pilot performed a "textbook" emergency landing.

Media outlets reported that pilot Dan Griffith lost power moments after takeoff and managed to put the airplane down near the airport perimeter fence without causing catastrophic damage.

The former RAF pilot suffered a shoulder injury and was taken to a local hospital, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

The owners of the Spitfire, Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar Ltd, said in a statement "Spitfire MK912 this afternoon suffered a loss of power after takeoff and forced landed back on the airfield. The aircraft is badly damaged but pilot Dan Griffith carried out a textbook forced landing and is OK."

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