New App Provides Decades of NTSB Reports

New App Provides Decades of NTSB Reports

There's now an easier way to browse NTSB reports. Aircraft Incidents is a new online source for aviation accidents. The website contains the entire database of NTSB reports and allows readers to narrow their searches by various criteria, including categories such as "Top 10 Airlines" and "Top 10 Aircraft." It also breaks down the data by airline, aircraft type, manufacturer, location and type of NTSB report.

Also in the works is a mobile app that will be able to send real-time alerts for new reports right to your phone, along with the same browsing capabilities as the site. According to Brent Wilson, one of the site's creators, currently the company only offers an app for the Android phone but plans on releasing a version for Apple iOS devices. The app maker hopes to start working on that within the next month.


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