Harrison Ford ‘On the Mend’ in California Hospital

Harrison Ford is expected to remain in the hospital for at least another week after reportedly suffering a broken pelvis, broken ankle and gashes on his face following last Thursday's forced landing of the Ryan PT-22 he was piloting onto a golf course near Santa Monica Airport in southern California.

According to an ATC audio recording, Ford reported an engine failure moments before the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary report on the mishap today, saying that Ford made the forced landing about 800 feet short of SMO's Runway 3 after a loss of engine power.

Ford's plane struck the top of a tall tree before impacting an open area of the Penmar Golf Course in Venice, causing substantial damage to the vintage trainer, which the NTSB says has been moved to a secure location for further examination.

In its report the Safety Board described Ford's injuries as "serious." Ford's son Ben has tweeted that his father is "Battered, but OK!" and is "on the mend."

Experimental Aircraft Association chairman Jack Pelton, a close friend of Ford's, suggested good airmanship played a role in the outcome of the forced landing. "His flying experience and proficiency served him well today," Pelton said in a statement.

An experienced fixed- and rotary-wing pilot, Ford has served as chairman of EAA's Young Eagles program.

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