Engine Failure Deals Setback for Diesel Cessna 182 JT-A

It’s too early to say how the forced landing of Cessna’s diesel 182 JT-A test airplane after an apparent engine failure will impact the certification program. Cessna and French engine maker SMA are now working to determine what went wrong last Wednesday.

The test pilot of the experimental 182 JT-A, N9008H, reported to ATC that his “engine blew” after its SMA SR305-230 diesel engine stopped running.

The 182 departed Independence Municipal Airport (KIDP) to perform a normal test flight as part of the certification process when it reportedly developed serious engine trouble over the city of Pretty Prairie, Kansas, just west of Cheney Reservoir. The pilot was uninjured after landing near the intersection of two roads in an open field.

The diesel Cessna 182 JT-A made its first flight in May and had flown about 200 hours before last week's emergency landing.

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