Taking off in Public: Our First Virtual Event Is Set For October

You won’t want to miss Flying’s first free virtual event. Flying

Editor’s Note: “Taking Off in Public” is a new digital series written by Craig Fuller, the new owner of Flying magazine. In this series, Fuller will provide insight into his plans for Flying and a first-hand look at how Flying is being built for the next generation.

One of the things I love about covering the transportation industry from a media perspective is how well it does with video. After all, transportation is all about movement.

For FreightWaves, we’ve built a very successful streaming network with an audience of 35,000 daily viewers. We also host virtual events and summits, which allow us to provide deep dives into relevant topics that interest the community.

When I first considered what I wanted to do with Flying, one of my first thoughts was to open up video streaming and virtual content to the community. And there’s nothing cooler than previewing the latest and greatest in technology that’s about to hit the market. So on October 27, 2021, Flying will host its first virtual event in partnership with FreightWaves. The event is called “What’s Next in General Aviation.”

I’m really excited about this.

We’ll show you the aircraft and technology that’ll be available over the next year. Videos and discussion on the latest and greatest will be part of the lineup, too.

Imagine, a full day of content and discussions around what’s next in general aviation. It’s going to be a must-attend virtual event. And if you can’t tune in live, you can always stream it on-demand.

The event is free and available on the FreightWaves TV app. We’ll also have a link on Flyingmag.com.

We’re looking for speakers and sponsors.  To get more information or to register, check out the event website.

A pilot for more than three decades, Craig Fuller is owner and CEO of FLYING parent company Firecrown Media.

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