Airwork: Postpartum Depression

Saying goodbye to my iconic Cardinal was not an easy thing to do.
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Airwork: Time to Pull the Plug?

Considering the options on a 33-year old Cardinal RG.
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Left Seat: Anatomy of an Annual

What's scary about annuals; recurrent training on FlightSafety's CJ2+ simulator.
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Adding Your Two Cents at Annual Time

It could save you money, and time.
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Bringing Home a New Turbo Cirrus

We learn firsthand that buying a new airplane isn't what it used to be. And that's nothing but a good thing.
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Shared Ownership

Coming Very Soon to an Airport Near You
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Why You Should Buy a New Airplane

Though used airplanes deliver great value, and low depreciation, a brand new airplane is unbeatable.
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