Aftermath: Vectors to ZMB

The emergency was real, but the runway was only a memory.
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Aftermath: In the Region of Reversed Commands

The investigator concluded that the probable cause of the accident was improper soft-field-takeoff technique.
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Aftermath: High, Heavy and Slow

A great many accidents, most of them fatal, are due to stalling during an approach to a landing.
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Aftermath: Running Low on Fuel Sooner Than Expected

Fuel is a fluid. It flows, but it does not stretch.
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Human, All Too Human

After decades of faulting pilots involved in collisions or near-misses for inadequate vigilance, the NTSB now officially concedes that see-and-avoid is a highly ...
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Aftermath: Unstabilized Approach

CRM could also stand for "Cockpit Resource Mismanagement."
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