Stratus 3 is a Potent Portable ADS-B Receiver for ForeFlight

The unit is compatible with a variety of aviation apps.

The latest version of the popular Stratus portable ADS-B receiver from Sporty’s Pilot Shop and Appareo Systems made its debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in July, giving users subscription-free weather capabilities to go along with dual-band ADS-B traffic, GPS data and backup attitude information.

Designed from the start to integrate with the ForeFlight Mobile app on an iPad, the latest Stratus 3 unit packs a number of new features and capabilities into its compact size, and at an affordable introductory price of $699.

A new feature included in the Stratus 3 is “smart” Wi-Fi that allows pilots to use an iPad’s LTE data connection while connected to Stratus 3, ideal for last-minute flight-plan changes on the ground. A new security feature will hide the Stratus Wi-Fi network or make it password-protected, an important feature for airline and military pilots. The Stratus 3 also includes an automatic-shut-off mode that senses the end of a flight to save battery life.

The unit can take advantage of some new products from the FAA ADS-B data feed available in ForeFlight, such as echo tops; lightning, icing and turbulence forecasts; center weather advisories; and G-airmets. ADS-B traffic has also been improved to display nearby targets in 3D on ForeFlight’s updated synthetic-vision display.

The unit also offers a status-information page on ForeFlight’s moving map that includes ADS-B reception, AHRS performance and battery life. Stratus’ Replay feature allows ForeFlight users to turn off their iPad screens without missing weather updates. There’s also a built-in flight-data recorder that automatically tracks every flight.

Sporty’s says the unit’s built-in battery lasts eight hours. It can also be charged in flight.

In addition to ForeFlight, the unit is also compatible with the FltPlan Go, FlyQ, WingX and iFly GPS apps. For more information, visit Sporty’s.


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