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The Golden Eagle Sport is one of several styles available. Flying Eyes

When the search for a pair of sun­glasses that fit comfortably under a noise-canceling headset proved fruitless, Dean Siracusa, the founder of Flying Eyes, decided to take matters into his own hands. He developed a pair of sunglasses with convertible temples, which allowed the pilot to remove the hard temples and replace them with a thin fabric strap that slipped easily under a headset without breaking the noise-canceling seal. Expanding on his idea, Siracusa recently introduced a new line of sunglasses with temples so thin and flexible that they too slip easily under the cups of a headset or inside a tight helmet.

The ultrathin temples are a mere 0.9 mm thick, and ­because the frames are feather-light, they don’t dig into the top of the ears. Best of all, the glasses can be worn for hours without creating pressure points or discomfort.

In addition to the pilots for whom Flying Eyes sunglasses were initially made, the designs have proved popular among a wide variety of users, including motorcycle riders, firefighters, skiers, snowboarders, equestrian riders, car racers and more.

The price for the various models ­ranges from $154 to $500 for full prescription sunglasses.

The temples are ultrathin and light, yet strong and flexible. Flying Eyes

Optical Options

Flying Eyes offers a wide variety of frame options to satisfy both fashion and function.

There are three aviator styles and several models targeted to outdoor sports enthusiasts. In some models, the polycarbonate lenses, which offer terrific clarity, come in as many as three colors: gradient copper, gradient gray and mirrored sapphire. Frames are available in black, metal and tortoise.

Flying Eyes also has bifocal and prescription lens options for the vision-challenged. The frames have also been used with clear lenses for eye protection.

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