Sean D. Tucker Retires His High-Energy Solo Act

High intensity aerobatic performer gets a fitting send-off in Houston.

If you have ever seen Sean D. Tucker’s intense aerobatic act, which the ultra-high-energy aerobatic pilot somehow narrates while pulling a whole bunch of Gs, it is an experience you will likely never forget. If you never saw the small, highly modified, bright orange, Oracle-branded Pitts biplane turn corkscrews in the sky, this weekend was your last chance.

Sean Tucker ended his solo career at the Wings Over Houston Airshow at the Ellington Airport (EFD), 15 miles southeast of Houston. And Tucker got a fitting send off to his next adventure. None other than the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, who were on the schedule to conduct their tight formation flight demonstration after Tucker landed, gave a fitting send off to one of the best air show pilots ever to have touched the skies.

U.S. Navy Blue Angels
After a thrilling performance, Tucker was greeted by the entire team of U.S. Navy Blue Angels. Suresh Atapattu

Thousands of air show attendees cheered and many people, including 13 members of the Blue Angels demonstration team, Tucker’s wife Colleen and his daughter Tara, who is seven months pregnant, Tara’s husband Brandon Hess, and the entire Oracle Team, stopped to give Tucker hugs as he walked up to the announcer’s podium and gave one of his high energy, inspirational speeches, as he does best. “I was having fun,” Tucker said of his performance. “As long as you have joy in the cockpit, you’re making the right decisions. As long as you have joy in your life, you’re making the right decisions,” Tucker said. “And what gives me joy is to be right here in Houston to share the magic of life.”

Once in the air, the Blue Angels dedicated their fleur-de-lis formation break up maneuver to Sean D. Tucker.

Here’s the good news. If you have never seen Tucker fly, he’s not ready to just be a grandpa yet. While shrouded in secrecy, the next chapter for Tucker will include a team performance. I can’t wait to see it.

greets the cheering crowds
Tucker greets the cheering crowds from the announcer’s stand. Suresh Atapattu
Sean Tucker
With the enthusiasm and inspiration for which Tucker has become known, he spoke to the crowds after his last solo performance. Suresh Atapattu
Tucker's solo performance
The world will miss seeing Tucker’s solo performance, which he has narrated from the cockpit while pulling off extreme aerobatic maneuvers. Suresh Atapattu
Sean Tuckers Family
Sean Tucker’s wife Colleen and daughter Tara still holding the pole seconds after Tucker cut the ribbon with his wings. Suresh Atapattu


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