Samad Aerospace Launches Cargo eVTOL

U.K.-based Samad Aerospace says it plans to offer a cargo eVTOL. Samad Aerospace

Samad Aerospace announced the beginning of the certification for its Starling Cargo aircraft—an eVTOL aircraft designed with precious cargo in mind.

Set for delivery in Q4 2022, the Starling Cargo eVTOL aircraft will be remotely piloted with autopilot capabilities. The aircraft is promised to have a flight ceiling of 10,000 feet, with a range of up to 135 miles. Samad claims its innovative technology will have a reduced need for airports.

“Our fully electric VTOL Starling Cargo aircraft will change the future of transportation, reducing emissions and carbon footprints of air cargo,” said Dr. Seyed Mohseni, CEO of Samad Aerospace.

Samad reports the cargo aircraft will have a maximum payload of 50 kilograms. Its potential use includes delivering humanitarian cargo, such as food or medicine, to remote or underdeveloped regions.

The U.K.-based tech startup is currently developing a hybrid-electric version of the Starling Cargo. This version has an increased top speed of 125 mph and a maximum range of 400 miles.

In addition to the cargo aircraft, Samad is also developing a hybrid-electric passenger jet, the e-Starling.

Seating up to five passengers, the e-Starling jet is planned to have a 625-mile range and will be capable of vertical takeoffs and landings. Samad claims that the jet will “reduce total travel time by utilizing locations that are much closer to the customer’s point of departure and destination, including remote locations.”

For now, the Starling Cargo eVTOL aircraft is available for pre-order.

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