Possible Debris from MH370 Found in Mozambique

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014. Laurent ERRERA

Two years after the disappearance of Flight MH370, a potential clue washed ashore on a sandbar in Mozambique this weekend.

Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester told parliament that, while it’s “too early to speculate the origin of the debris at this stage,” the metal chunk was found in a location that’s consistent with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s drift modeling.

American tourist Blaine Gibson, on an independent search for the missing jet, was chartering a boat on the coast of Mozambique when he and the owner of the boat found what appeared to be a horizontal stabilizer— a meter-long white chunk of metal.

Gibson reported the discovery on Monday and handed over the metal chunk to Mozambique authorities. Australian officials will inspect the debris, working closely with Malaysian authorities and Boeing representatives.

Flight MH370, which disappeared on March 8, 2014, is thought to have crashed in the Indian Ocean with 239 souls on board. A piece of the missing jet’s wing washed ashore on the island of Reunion last July.

Gibson told CNN that while chances are slim that the debris is from MH370, he hopes his discovery might help those impacted by the tragedy.

"These are real people with real pain. Anything that can bring answers, I want to help do."


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