Preliminary Report in on Accident Between Police Drone, Cessna 172N

The drone that hit the Cessna 172N was destroyed. Pixabay

In its preliminary report, Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS) says a police drone caused “major damage” when it crashed into a Cessna 172N near Buttonville Municipal Airport (CYKZ) in Toronto on August 10.

The 172, which had an instructor and student on board, was on final approach into the airport. It was established on a stable descent through 1,100 ft msl, or 500 ft agl, when the instructor and student felt a jolt that “pushed them back on their seat.”

At the time, they thought they had hit a large bird, but they proceeded to land with no change in configuration or power. When they got out of the airplane, the pair were surprised to find damage, including:

  • A bent airbox
  • A propeller strike
  • A “major dent” on the left side of the engine cowling

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident. The drone was destroyed.

A few hours after the collision, it was discovered that the airplane was struck by a drone operated by the York Regional Police that was part of an operation in the area of Richmond Hill, which is about 22 miles from Toronto.

The report also states that Nav Canada was not aware of the police operation.

The York Regional Police confirmed that the incident occured.

“On August 10, our remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) was deployed as part of an active investigation in the area of the Buttonville Airport,” department media relations officer Constable Laura Nicolle said via email. “In the course of its operation, the RPA collided with a plane that was landing. There were no injuries.”

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