Where Do You Fly for Food and Fun?

Air Fare America, a new aviation-themed reality TV show coming to a cable network near you, is at the Flying Aviation Expo asking showgoers the all-important question, "Where do you fly for food and fun?"

This weekend, clearly, the answer is Palm Springs, California, the site of the inaugural Flying Aviation Expo, where thousands of aviation enthusiasts are soaking up the sun and sights in and around the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Air Fare America co-producer Andrea Vernot said the production team is at the Expo in search of location ideas for future episodes of the new show, the pilot episode for which is scheduled to be shot in the coming months, as well as to potentially spot the talented individuals who might star in the series.

"We're asking pilots at Flying Aviation Expo where they love to fly for great food and good times," she said. Air Fare America's show booth features a large map of the United States where visitors can post the locations of their favorite places to fly.

The show will follow a pilot, a "picker" and a chef as they travel to small airports across the country to search for relics in the hangars, sample the food at airport restaurants and meet with interesting characters along the way. The producers are currently in the process of casting for the show, after which they plan to move into the full production phase early next year.

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