Vintage Aircraft Descend on South Florida

Rare aircraft from near and far converged in South Florida this weekend for Ocean Reef's 18th annual celebration of all things vintage.

The classic airplanes that made the trip to South Florida for the event included everything from vintage biplanes like the Grand Champion and the Boeing Stearman to exceptionally historical aircraft, such as the DC-3 used to transport the Nationalist Party leader of China, Chiang Kai-shek, during the late 1940s. Revered warbirds like the P-51 Betty Jane and the B-25 Tondelayo, owned and restored by the Collings Foundation, also made the journey to Ocean Reef, among many others.

Hundreds of attendees turned out to hear the aircraft owners and operators share their stories and to witness many of the aircraft as they took to the skies for a first-rate air show over the beach. A number of guests also took the opportunity to try their own hand at the controls of the airplanes in the skies above the South Florida resort.

Vintage Weekend, held by the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida, every year for nearly two decades, showcases hundreds of vintage cars, boats and airplanes from every era. In addition to hosting many of the world’s most unique and rare machines, the venue features a number of entertainment and educational events focused on celebrating and enjoying the rich heritage on display.


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