Turn a Paper Plane into a Drone with Your Smartphone

Ever wish that paper airplane you made would go just a little bit farther? Thanks to a new gadget from PowerUp Toys, you can now make that homemade airplane go the distance by turning it into a flying drone.

To make it happen, users can simply add a dime-size battery and motor to their paper plane and connect it to their smartphone using Bluetooth. The app will reportedly allow the paper airplane to remain in flight for up to 10 minutes, and users can monitor the remaining battery level through an indicator on screen.

The founder of PowerUp Toys maintains the product is meant to be a toy, despite criticism that it could take on a more sophisticated role as a drone.

The product is on sale for $49.99 and originally received development funding from the grassroots fundraising site Kickstarter.com. The project's initial fundraising goal was $50,000, but to date more than $1.2 million has been pledged on the site.

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