Map Shows Drone Use Throughout U.S.

FAA released the location of 63 authorized UAV launch sites this week.

Curious if there are drones operating near you? A quick look at recent data unveiled by the FAA may provide some insight.

As a result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation earlier this year, the agency was forced this week to divulge a list of 63 authorized UAV launch sites scattered across the country.

The sites span 20 different states, and include locations as remote as the approximately 3,000-person town of Otter Tail, Minnesota. As expected, many sites approved for law enforcement agencies and the military made the list, but so did more than two-dozen colleges and universities.

The FAA says it has provided upwards of 700-750 operating licenses since 2006, approximately 300 of which remain currently active.

The agency did not reveal any information about the size or amount of drones being operated at each site, but says it will provide such information in the future.

For a look at the launching site locations, check out the map below, put together by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The active sites are shown in red.


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