Flying Aviation Expo Early Bird Deadline Extended

If you missed your chance to register for the Flying Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California, this fall (and enter for a chance to win a Bose A20 headset), you're in luck. We're extending the early bird registration deadline to September 14.

Tickets for the show, planned for October 31 to November 2 at the Palm Springs Convention Center, are on sale now for as little as $35. The show, the inaugural event in Flying's 85-year history, promises to be a can't-miss event with a packed schedule of seminars, social functions, and hundreds of airplanes and aviation products on display.

The festivities kick off the day before the official show start with the Parade of Planes, as aircraft taxi on the city's streets from Palm Springs International Airport to the convention center about two miles away. The route will be reversed at the close of the show on Sunday afternoon.

The expo will also include dozens of seminars and talks, the IFR Proficiency Center hosted by IMC Clubs, Redbird Flight Simulation and Jeppesen, and even a Ferrari driving event right in the parking lot of the convention center.

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