Disney Debuts Planes: Fire and Rescue

If you enjoyed Disney's Planes, the movie about Dusty Crophopper's quest to become a successful air racer that hit theaters last summer, you'll be able to see the sequel next week. Planes: Fire and Rescue opens on July 18, and with great action scenes and a cast of new endearing characters, the follow-on has all the ingredients to become another success story for Disney.

Planes: Fire and Rescue follows Dusty as he leaves Propwash Junction to learn how to fight fires as the plane-inhabited town finds the need for another certified firefighter. Arriving in Piston Peak Park, Dusty meets new friends, each with their own distinct personalities. Dusty's new mentor, a veteran fire-and-rescue helicopter named Blade Ranger, and admirer, a super scooper called Dipper, make great additions. Another favorite is Windlifter, an Aircrane with a fabulous Native American persona. The actors behind the animated characters bring out their personalities; particularly notable are Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, a long time Hollywood couple that bring life to a couple of motorhomes in the movie.

Like many of Disney's cartoons, this movie is full of funny one-liners targeted to a more mature audience, making the film enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

While the cartoon film has some elements of complete fiction, the studio's focus on truth in storytelling is evident. Extensive research was conducted involving more than 100 consultants to make the animated film appear as real as possible. Cal Fire was deeply involved in the project to ensure the visuals and sounds of the fire scenes were as realistic as possible. Some scenes even mimic historical events, such as Ed Pulaski's use of a mine to save his crew from a forest fire in Idaho in 1910, said Ferrell Barron, the producer of Planes: Fire and Rescue.

As with the original Planes movie, Jason McKinley was consulted to make the flying scenes realistic and aerobatic helicopter airshow pilot Chuck Aaron was consulted for the helicopter scenes.

To get an idea of what the movie is like, watch the preview here.

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