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If you wish to honor one of aviation's true stars, Bob Hoover, while rubbing elbows with some of the most influential people in aviation, here is your chance. At the end of February, a series of events has been planned in the Los Angeles area to celebrate the life of the iconic pilot and person.

While tickets are very limited, a public event has been planned on February 21 at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. Tom Poberezny, one of the head organizers for the event, said he expects "a night of inspiration, excitement and emotion," with a very special list of hosts such as Sean D. Tucker, Harrison Ford, Clay Lacy and Sully Sullenberger. The event is also the premier of a new Bob Hoover documentary film and attendees can expect several surprises throughout the evening, Poberezny said.

Individual tickets start at $950 for the Paramount Studios event. There are also sponsorship opportunities at various levels for those who want to participate in various other Hoover events that are scheduled on February 20 and 21. All proceeds from the events will go to a series of Bob Hoover scholarships and an online Bob Hoover Hall of Honor in which a limited number of aviation greats, including Hoover, will be featured.

If you want to get in on this special event, you need to do it soon. Poberezny said well over 400 out of a maximum of 500 tickets for the February 21st event have already been sold. Log on to to buy tickets or, for more information, contact Lesley Poberezny at or 262-409-1222.

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