A New Turboprop Single from Extra

Extra EA-500

Extra has introduced a new, turboprop version of its Extra 400 six-seat single. The EA-500 will be built at the company's new 64,500-square-foot production facility at Dinslaken Airport near D?sseldorf, Germany.

The EA-500 was the logical progression for Extra from the certified EA-400 six-place pressurized single, which makes use of the Continental Voyager liquid-cooled engine. The EA-500 is powered by the Rolls-Royce (n?e Allison) 250-B17F/2, flat-rated to 450 horsepower.

With full fuel and at 75 percent power the EA-500 has an initial rate of climb of 2,000 feet per minute and a takeoff roll of under 1,000 feet. The optimum cruise level is FL 180 where, with a TAS of 230-240 knots, operators will see 23 gallons per hour fuel flow. The range with 45-minute reserve will be close to 1,700 nm.

The installation of the turbine power up front also means increased operating weights?maximum takeoff weight in the United States will be 4,850 pounds, which will allow an 882-pound payload with full fuel. There's also greater fuel capacity, a longer TBO for the engine and a quieter cabin.

The EA-500 is the same as the EA-400 from the firewall aft, so certification is going to be an STC covering the new engine installation and is expected by the end of the year, with first customer deliveries to be made in January 2003. Extra reports orders for 18 EA-500s with deposits, at a list price of $1,650,000 (U.S.) for the standard aircraft with dual instruments and air conditioning. Options include weather radar and TAWS.


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