Up Close and Personal with the Original Batcopter

After the filming of Batman, the Bell 47 helicopter was repainted and the decorations were removed. When Eugene Nock later purchased it, he had it repainted to restore its Gotham glory. Flying
Capt. Nock had the Batcopter retrofitted with new equipment and electronics without eliminating any of the vintage charm that fans expect from this legendary aircraft. Flying
The Batcopter is also decorated with autographs from the cast of the film and TV series, including Burt Ward (pictured), who played Robin. Eugene Nock/Flying
A fan of the Caped Crusader since childhood, Eugene Nock (bottom right) has eagerly welcomed not only stars like Ward, Julie Newmar and the late Adam West to revisit the Batcopter, but also scores of fans, young and old alike.
It was only fitting that Nock eventually added a vintage, working Batmobile replica to his collection. Flying
Nock also eventually completed his collection with the addition of a Batcycle replica, complete with the sidecar featuring Robin's logo. Flying

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