Photos: Lancair Evolution Piston

Flying magazine recently had the chance to fly and review the Lancair Evolution Piston, which features the same composite airframe as its turbine-powered counterpart along with a 350 hp Lycoming iE2 engine. Check out some shots of the experimental four-seater piston below.

The piston-powered Evolution has the same fuel capacity as its turbine-powered sibling but burns less fuel, meaning it has tremendous range capability. Jessica Ambats
An optional rough landing gear option allows pilots to fly into a greater number of unimproved strips. However, because the wider tires produce more drag, you lose about 10 knots in cruise. Jessica Ambats
The rear seats are comfortable and have plenty of legroom. Unlike most four-seat airplanes, the wide door makes it just as easy to get in the back as the front. Jessica Ambats
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