Texas Thunderstorms and Floods Disrupt Fly-Ins

Air Tractors at Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport
(Photo courtesy of Cindy Roller/KETR)

South and central Texas were hit hard this week with severe thunderstorms and rain so heavy that local rivers overflowed, sending homes floating. As a result of the damage from the storms, several aviation events scheduled for this weekend have been cancelled or rescheduled.

Redbird's Bluebonnet Fly-In at the San Marcos airport was rescheduled to give room for rescue and recovery personnel. Since the storms hit, the Redbird Skyport facilities have been used as a coordination center for the National Guard, search and rescue operations and survey flights.

Not only has Redbird given up its facilities to help the disaster relief effort. The company will donate the proceeds from the Bluebonnet Fly-In, now rescheduled for June 6 from 10 am to 4 pm, to the Hays County Salvation Army to help the victims of the floods.

Another notable event that was cancelled was the Ladies Love Taildraggers Texas Fly-In, scheduled to take place this weekend at the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport (KSLR). Airport manager Joey Baker reported on the Ladies Love Taildraggers website that part of the roof on the terminal building at KSLR was damaged, an agricultural airplane was thrown onto two fuel trucks and the doors at Legend Cub were blown in as a result of severe thunderstorms.

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