Quicksilver Plans Global Expansion, S-LSA Certification

Quicksilver GT 500 Quicksilver Aircraft

Will Escutia and Daniel Perez, the new owners of Quicksilver Aircraft, have big plans for the Temecula, California, based ultralight pioneer and kit plane manufacturer. Born in Mexico and friends since college, the pair hope to use their 20 years of global business experience to expand Quicksilver’s presence in Mexico, China, and South Africa as well as here in the United States.

“We like the idea of making aviation approachable to regular folks,” said Escutia, who is a U.S. private pilot. “Interest in aviation has been growing in Mexico, in particular during the last 5 to 10 years. Since purchasing power has been increasing as well in that period, the number of light airplanes flying and aero clubs is on the rise. Other developing markets are also becoming active, China in particular. The dream of flying is universal.”

Quicksilver has produced more than 15,000 aircraft kits since its inception in the late 1970s. At AirVenture this year, Quicksilver announced plans to seek S-LSA certification for its GT-500 and Sport 2S models, both designed as two-seat trainers. Perez said they are working to select a third party to help with the certification process, which they hope to complete next year.

Perez is not a pilot, but said he hopes to earn his Sport Pilot certificate in a Sport 2S.


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