Piper Launches Ready, Set Fly

Piper Archer LX Piper Aircraft

Piper today announced Ready, Set Fly, a sales incentive program to help buyers of new Piper Archer LX singles get from zero time to private pilot at no additional cost. The Archer LX is a 180 hp, 128-knot fixed-gear single that sells for just over $300,000 equipped with the Garmin G500 PFD/MFD. Piper will offer the program in conjunction with a premier training provider. Details are still emerging. Buyers can also choose to put their training credit toward a rating with another provider of their choice, and if the customer is already a private pilot, toward an advanced rating.

Piper developed the program, said the company's executive VP Randy Groom, to provide the buyer the greatest convenience possible, as they "learn safely and efficiently in a professional environment." Groom said the program was developed after learning the results of AOPA's recent survey, which found that cost was not the biggest factor in students succeeding at completing their private certificate. Click here to visit Piper's official site and to get more information on Ready, Set, Fly.


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