Microsoft Flight to Launch Worldwide by End of Month

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight, the game aimed at bringing PC flying to the masses, will be available for download beginning Feb. 29, its makers announced this week.

The launch date comes after a successful beta testing period and news released by Microsoft Studios last month that the company will be giving away the basic game for free.

Along with the basic download, Microsoft Flight’s Hawaiian Adventure Pack, an expansion pack that costs $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points on Games for Windows-Live, will also be available on the 29th. With the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, users can move beyond the Icon A5 and the Big Island of Hawaii, gaining access to the rest of the state, 20 new missions and a Vans RV-6A.

Those looking for a different kind of flying experience can try their hand with a P-51 Mustang, which will go for a total of $7.99 or 640 Microsoft Points, or a Maule M-7-260C, which costs $14.99 or 1200 Points. The P-51, however, will only be flyable from an outside perspective, not from within the cockpit.

Flight has already generated large interest from both aviators and non-pilot gamers alike, and Microsoft reps say they received significantly more sign-ups – they stopped counting at 150,000 – for the beta than expected. While the creators of the game say it was crafted with varying levels of simulation meant to appeal to a broad range of users, time will tell if the game’s attempt to draw in the masses will diminish its clout among aviation enthusiasts looking for a more authentic flying experience.

For those who didn’t get beta access to the game, catch a closer look in the video below.


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