Lockheed Martin Hit by Cyber Attack

Lockheed Martin is investigating the source of a major cyber attack last week against its information network, but insists the impact of the breach was minimal and additional steps have already been taken to safeguard the company’s computer systems against future breaches. ** **

"We detected a significant and tenacious attack on our information systems network," the company said in a statement on May 28. The network assault took place on May 21, but quick action by Lockheed Martin’s security team successfully repelled it, the company said. "No customer, program or employee personal data has been compromised," the Lockheed Martin said, adding that federal authorities have been notified. The White House said President Barack Obama has also been briefed about the attack.****

Lockheed Martin said its officials are working around the clock to restore employee access to the company’s network while ensuring there are no additional security breaches. The company did not divulge the suspected source of the cyber attack, but security experts were quick to predict this won’t be the last major incident we’ll hear about as hackers have grown more sophisticated in their methods. The world's biggest aerospace company, Lockheed Martin produces F-16, F-22 and F-35 fighters.


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