JetNet, Aircraft Cost Calculator to Offer Discounted Software

JetNet users will now have access to Aircraft Cost Calculator (ACC) software, an advanced data program built to clarify the financial costs involved with aircraft ownership, at a discounted rate, the two companies recently announced.****

The ACC program allows users to access and compare data for close to 200 of the most popular business aircraft on the market, information that JetNet company reps say will help their costumers justify the costs of aircraft ownership to their clients.

“In today’s marketplace it’s imperative to have the most comprehensive business aviation intelligence, and this is where JetNet and ACC share a unique synergy,” said JetNet president Vincent Esposito.

ACC provides a range of data, including maintenance and management fees, initial investment requirements and depreciation values, among other information, to help users evaluate and compare the costs of different aircraft. The software also contains a Trip Cost Calculator intended to illustrate the savings associated with business aircraft use.


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