Island Airfield Reopens in Michigan

Another RAF mission ends in success.

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) has concluded another successful mission in its quest to reopen closed airstrips and prevent the closure of others around the country. Located on a state-owned 820-acre island in Lake Michigan called North Fox Island, about 27 miles northwest of Charlevoix, the scenic 3,000-foot grass strip is now open to the public.

The North Fox Island airstrip will be listed on charts and in airport directories under the code 6Y3.

“This is a spectacular recreational aviation destination that fits right in with the mission of the RAF,” said Brad Frederick, RAF’s liaison in the state of Michigan. “Restoration of the airfield, cones, windsock and mowing equipment have all been done by a group of tireless volunteers.”

RAF volunteers will continue to participate in the maintenance of the grass field.

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