Gulfstream Faces Headwinds, Powers Through Them

** Gulfstream G650**

At EBACE Gulfstream president Larry Flynn discussed the fortunes of the world’s most successful airplane manufacturer and concluded that, despite “headwinds” in every market around the world, the company was pleased with its sales and bullish on its prospects.

Flynn said that “uncertainty” in financial markets, political instability in the Middle East and elsewhere on the globe and austerity programs in certain European countries have all contributed to a more challenging market for some of Gulfstream’s products. At the same time, Flynn was clearly delighted with the performance of the company’s two newest products, the super-midsize G280 and the ultra-long-range G650. The company has delivered 15 G650s so far and seven G280s. It hasn’t announced delivery goals for 2013 for individual airplanes.

On Wednesday, the company has a breakfast at EBACE to celebrate the 30 world records its pilots have set in the 650 and 280 over the past several months. Flynn said that the airplanes’ performance has been truly impressive.


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