Garmin Rolls Out G5000 eLearning Course

Garmin today introduced an interactive web-based pilot training course for the G5000 integrated flight deck, with self-paced lessons that are designed to make learning to use the high-end bizjet cockpit fast and easy.

The G5000 eLearning program takes users through three training modes, including initial demonstrations, guided interaction and solo manipulation. After each section, the course lets pilots practice essential operations using a guided simulation system with on-screen prompts. Solo mode lets them to practice each highlighted area of operation, without the use of onscreen prompts, ensuring each task is fully understood.

"As flight decks continue to become more sophisticated and offer additional features and capabilities, the desire for off-aircraft training outside of a traditional classroom setting is in high demand," said Carl Wolf, Garmin's vice president of marketing and sales.

The G5000 cockpit has been selected for the Cessna Citation X, Sovereign, Longitude and Latitude, as well as the Learjet 70/75 and as an option for Beechcraft 400 owners.

Garmin says G5000 eLearning is available for purchase as a 180-day subscription, which is updated periodically to ensure the most current information is available. To learn more about the G5000 web-based training course, visit

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