Former Student Pilot Steals Plane for Ride over Vegas

A Piper Seminole similar to the one allegedly
stolen over the weekend in Las Vegas.

(Photo: Gons via Wikipedia Creative Commons)

A 27-year-old man was taken into police custody during the early morning hours on Saturday after he allegedly stole a Piper Seminole from North Las Vegas Airport and went on a joyride over the city.

ATC was alerted of the situation and monitored the flight as the man, who was a former student pilot at the airport, headed south toward Henderson and then in a northwesterly direction.

"I kind of screwed up your night, didn't I," the man said to the controller over the radio.

"I just want you to get down on the ground safely," said the controller. "We'll grab some coffee, go to my house, whatever. We'll have a, we'll just talk, OK? So just come on down."

Eventually ATC was able to convince the man to land back at North Las Vegas Airport.

"Since you've kept me company I'll just make it easier for you and come down," he said.

The man was apprehended by police after landing and charged with grand larceny auto. It remains unclear how he gained access to the Seminole.

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